About Us

A family owned business dedicated to providing vacuum tanker parts with outstanding customer service to their clients throughout Australasia.

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Allvac stocks a wide range of Pumps, Tanks, Hoses, Valves and other Vacuum Tanker related equipment. We have qualified personnel with the skill levels and experience to advise on any of your vacuum pumping applications or requirements.

Allvac has developed through the need for professional supply of equipment for the Vacuum Tanker industry. Over the years we have grown to be leading suppliers of Pumps, Hosing, Fittings, Valves, Vacuum Tanks and other specialised equipment for the Vacuum Tanker industry.

In recent years we have become frustrated at the lack of quality products available and have travelled to Europe and USA to source top-quality equipment.


In every aspect of our business, only the best is acceptable – and the best can always be better. Delivering quality products and service is the responsibility of Allvac employees. We invest in our future by always looking for superior products to supply the ongoing needs of every customer.

Customer Service

Our responsibility as a corporate entity guides our decisions as we actively contribute to the world around us. Hard work in customer service is central to our goals. We value and reward the efforts of our employees.